Required for all advanced training and dogs sports offered at DTCCC.

Graduates of our Beyond Basics Level 2 class are eligible to enroll in any FOUNDATION LEVEL class.
If you have completed manners classes with another organization contact us for information about how to start your training.

Classes listed below are SIX WEEK SESSIONS.
Check the SCHEDULE for availability and registration information.
Discounted for DTCCC training members    Non member Fee $169.

ADVANCED MANNERS: If you are interested in obedience training and overall better manners out and about, and for those interested in pursuing the Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog certifications. This class focuses on building your dog’s best manners and confidence and covers many of the exercises included in the CGC test. You will continue to improve your own training skills as you help your dog problem solve and learn new skills. Fun and challenging!
Prerequiste: Beyond Basics Level 2

DOG SPORTS FUNdamentals: Attention and focus, self control, along with good handling skills are essential for any off leash dog sport (agility, flyball, obedience, rally ) you plan to pursue. This class covers clicker skills, targeting to hand and disc, crate/mat games, solid verbal cues for sit, down, release. Left and right side walking/running, recall with distractions, stays, leave it.
Prerequiste: Beyond Basics Level 2

Your Training Toolbox - Shaping, Luring, Capturing and more! This class will help you develop a wider range of training options for your canine partner. Build a better understanding of your training options (there are so many!) the timing and mechanics of those options, and when and where it might be beneficial to use a specific technique. We won’t be concentrating on specifics of how to teach any one obedience behavior like sit or down, instead we’ll be concentrating on the specifics of how to TEACH our learners!
 While this is an entry level training class it is equally appropriate for a relative beginner to dog sports as it is for a more advanced student who recognizes that they have a few gaps in their knowledge. Join us and develop your training excellence for any sport!

Prerequiste: Beyond Basics Level 2

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