Beginners Agility Classes

All classes are taught with positive reinforcement emphasizing what you and your dog get right which makes for a fun and relaxed learning environment.
Open to members and non members. Class size is limited. You must pre-register to attend. A space in the session with be confirmed only after receipt of application and payment.

For agility class and event information Email: or call 610-280-6960.

Beginners Agility Fees

Agility Foundations, Contacts and Weaves and Sequencing classes are 8 week sessions.

$190 for Training Members   Non Members or Non Training Members $230

PRE-AGILITY ASSESSMENTS:  Required to pass prior to enrolling in Agility Foundations 1.


FOUNDATION AGILITY SKILLS 1: Skills covered in this class will include: targeting for contact end behavior (on plank and low dog walk/a-frame), tippy boards and flat teeter, Recalls to Heel on flat (foundation for handling), basic turns on the flat (front cross, pull, rear cross, push), forward send skills (around upright), intro to one jump (if not done in pre-agility with the APHS way), intro to tunnels, chute (later), and table. Dogs should be at least 10 months of age.

FOUNDATION AGILITY SKILLS 2: Skills covered: continuation of target training on low contacts, including teeter, Recalls to Heel over One Jump (basics for handling), forward sends to jump, sends to tunnel, intro lateral sends, basic turns with one jump, Intro tire. Start simple sequencing. Dogs should be 1 year old.

FOUNDATION AGILITY SKILLS 3: This class would include short sequences of  jumps and tunnels to work basic handling (RTH presentations and basic turns, continuation of forward and lateral sends), continue contact work- raising heights as progress. Dogs should be 14 months min.

INTRO TO WEAVES: This class will focus on training your dog to weave using the  2 x 2 method. A contact may be available for practice each week as well as other stations to practice, but the main focus will be on teaching the dog to weave. Each participant should have access to 2 x 2 weave poles for training in between classes (either by owning, borrowing, renting a set or renting practice time at the club). Practice at home is necessary to learn weaving. Dogs should be at least a year old and completed the Foundation Agility classes (or permission of instructor).

CONTACTS & WEAVES: This class will continue to work on weave poles, getting them to 6 straight poles and working up to 12. The contacts will all be worked on, raising heights and beginning to sequence, working for independence and speed. Dogs should have completed Foundation Classes and Intro to Weaves or have equivalent training to attend this class.

SEQUENCING: This class will focus on handling short sequences with all the obstacles. This class will start to put together the skills learned in the earlier classes.

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