Beginners Agility Classes

Agile Pups and all Agility Foundations are taught based primarily on the OneMind Dogs Foundations training method. All training at DTCCC uses positive reinforcement to help dogs learn skills and be confident.
All agility classes are open to members and non-members. Class size is limited. You must pre-register to attend. A space in the session with be confirmed only after receipt of application and payment. Agility training is fun and rewarding for both handler and dog, but it does take time and commitment. There are SIX 8-week classes that progress from beginning to end of Beginner Agility Training. The progression of classes is described below.

Pre-Requisite Classes for New Agility Students: Basic Manners or Basics for Pups Level 1, Basic Manners Level 2, and at least two of the following classes: Advanced Manners, Dog Sports FUNdamentals, Your Training Toolbox.

For agility class and event information Email: or call 610-280-6960.

Beginners Agility Fees
Agility Foundations, Contacts and Weaves and Sequencing classes are 8 week sessions.
$190 for Training Members   Non Members or Non Training Members $230

PRE-AGILITY ASSESSMENTS:  Required to pass prior to enrollment confirmation in Agility Foundations 1.


FOUNDATION AGILITY SKILLS 1: Skills covered in this class will include: Body Awareness, Building Drive and Motivation, Handler and Obstacle Focus, Connection, Understanding Handling Elements, Jump Commitment, Intro to Tunnels, and Basic Handling skills. Dogs should be at least 10 months of age.

FOUNDATION AGILITY SKILLS 2: Skills covered: continuation of Foundation 1 skills. Intro to training end behavior for contacts, handling skills on 1-2 jumps, continued introduction to contact equipment. Introduce teeter. Strengthening connection and teamwork.

FOUNDATION AGILITY SKILLS 3: This class will include short sequences of jumps and tunnels to continue developing both handler and dog skills.  Build strong end behavior on contacts as well as dog’s confidence on contacts. 

INTRO TO WEAVES: In this class the primary focus on training your dog to weave using the  2 x 2 method.  Channel weaves will also be used to supplement 2x2 weave training. DTCCC has a limited number of 2x2 weave sets to rent to registered students for practice at home. 2x2 training at home is necessary to learn weaving. Your instructor will provide more info in class. Handling and contact training will also continue. Dogs should be at least a year old to begin weave training and completed the Foundation Agility 1-3 classes (or have permission of instructor).

CONTACTS & WEAVES: This class will continue to work on weave poles, getting them to 6 straight poles and working up to 12. The contacts will all be worked on, raising to full height, maintaining end behavior, working for independence and speed, and adding into short sequences. Dogs should have completed Foundation Classes and Intro to Weaves or have equivalent training to attend this class. 

SEQUENCING: This class will focus on handling short sequences with all the obstacles and build sequence length towards handling a full Novice course. This class will start to put together the skills learned in the previous classes.



AGILE PUPS:  This 6-week class is designed for puppies and young dogs, (3 -11 months) who are destined to be future agility stars.  We will use a series of motivational games to build teamwork, play, motivation, drive, and focus while teaching the pups body awareness, self-control, foundation handling skills and foundation obstacle skills. Your puppy will be introduced to some basic agility training equipment such as travel boards, wobble boards, tunnel, tire and table, and low jumps. Training simple tricks/behaviors to build the handlers training skills as well as developing the puppy’s learning skills will be included.
Attending a KPT class for puppies up to 16 weeks is strongly recommended. Attending Basics for Pups or a Basics Level 1 class is strongly recommended for puppies 5 months and older.


Please check schedule for when this class may be offered. Agile Pups is not a pre-requisite for Agility Foundations 1, but it is a great head-start for puppies and handlers that plan to train in agility.

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