Agility Beginner's Faq's

What is Agility?
Agility is a fun and fast paced sport for you and your dog. It provides a way to burn off excess energy and learn to be a responsive part of a team. The dog and handler team negotiate a course containing a series of numbered obstacles. The handler provides direction through body motion, speed, and hand and voice signals. The emphasis is on speed and accuracy, negotiating the course as quickly as possible. Agility builds a dog's confidence and bond between handler and their dog.

Do I need to have done obedience classes before doing agility?
Yes. Your dog should have basic skills such as attention, sit, down, stay, walking on leash, a release cue, basic targeting skills, and be able to work off leash around other dogs in a class environment.

How old does my dog need to be to start agility?
Your dog needs to be physically developed to jump & weave and mentally developed to understand the obedience skills already discussed – this age will be different for every dog. Young dogs can learn many important skills for agility without being introduced to any of the obstacles. Older dogs need to be physically healthy.

Do I have to want to compete in agility to participate in classes? No.
Most students start agility classes just to have fun with their dogs. Some get bitten by the bug and go on to enjoy competing in agility trials.

Do I need to practice at home?
The more you can practice what your learn in class, the faster you will improve. Many skills do not require special equipment, especially improving your obedience skills. Some exercises can also be taught using items that you have around the        house, your instructor will tell you about this.

I'm new to agility. How do I get started?
Dogs and handlers who have completed Beyond Basics Level 2 or passed our Training Level Assessment will need to enroll in our Dog Sports FUNdamentals class.

I've started agility with another organization.
For dogs that have had previous agility training, please contact the agility class registrar for recommendations on the appropriate class.

For more information and/or to register for an agility class: 

Email:  or call 610-280-6960

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