Competition Obedience FAQ’s

What is Competition Obedience?
Competition obedience tests your training skills in many ways. You strive for precise performance, quick and correct responses to signals, and teamwork. There are several levels and titles you can achieve:

  • Novice (Companion Dog(CD)
  • Open (Companion Dog Excellent (CDX)
  • Utility (Utility Dog (UD)
  • Utility Excellent(UDX)
  • Obedience Trial Champion (OTCH).

Obedience Organizations
There are a number of organizations governing obedience trials. AKC, UKC, and the newest venue CDSP (Companion Dog Sports Program). All offer opportunities to earn titles, championships and awards in various levels.

How do I get started in Obedience?
DTCCC offers a variety of skills classes geared for obedience and rally competition. There are training prerequisites before enrolling so please check the class descriptions for eligibility.

Competition Obedience Classes

Competition obedience asks your dog to complete on and off-leash exercises including heeling, sit, down, stand for examination, stay, jumping, signals, and retrieving articles. Dogs must consistently execute the cues given by their handler. Judging is based on accuracy and performance.

DTCCC offers a new modern and positive approach to teaching these classes by offering a series of skill classes that can be taken in a more random order. These classes are also recommended for Rally competitors.

These include the following classes:
Your Training Toolbox*
Dog Sports FUndamentals*

On Target
Skill Building for Obedience & Rally
Heavenly Heeling 1,  2 and 3
Obedience Games
Confidence Building for Obedence & Rally


Classes listed below are SIX WEEK SESSIONS.
Discounted fee for DTCCC training members.   Non Member Fee $165.
Please check our SCHEDULE for availability and registration.

Skill Building for Obedience & Rally

SKILLBUILDING 1 is all about teaching obedience and rally skills using positive based, modern, effective techniques.
How to keep your dog engaged and happy. How to teach your dog how to find heel and front positions, Sit, Down, and Stand, Advanced targets, platforms, backing up
Prerequisite: DSF and Your Training Toolbox,

Everything you'll need for advanced obedience and rally and fun for you and your dog.
Moving Stand, Stays, Responding to Cues at a Distance,
Retrieve, Zen Bowl, Broad Jump, Stand for Exam, Directed Jumping
Prerequsite: Skillbuilding 1

CONFIDENCE BUILDING FOR RALLY & OBEDIENCE RING: This class will help you and your dog enter a competition ring with more confidence. Exercises to build focus, reduce stress, and prepare for distractions along the way. Perfect for teams preparing to show and those already competing.


COMPETITION OBEDIENCE - NOVICE: This is an advanced training course designed to get you into competition. Fine tuning of problem areas, and ring preparedness. CDSP and AKC venues are covered. Prerequisite: DSFundamentals, Heavenly Heeling 1, 2 & 3, Skillbuilding 1

COMPETITION OBEDIENCE - OPEN:- High and broad jumps, retrieving, drop on recall, group stays , handler out of sight. Prerequisite: SKillbuilding 1 & 2, Hheavenly Heeling 1,2 and 3

COMPETITION OBEDIENCE - UTILITY: - Scent discrimination, hand signals, moving stand, directed jumping and retrieves.
Prerequisite: SKillbuilding 1 & 2, Heeling skills

The exercises are broken down into smaller, step by step parts, which are eventually combined to produce a finished exercise. Skills are taught with positive reinforcement utilizing a variety of techniques including shaping, targeting, and lures. 
Once you and your dog have mastered the individual exercises we will offer the chance to practice them in a more formal setting in our RUN THRU classes.


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