Kindergarten Puppy Training & Socialization (KPT)

For young puppies ages 10 to 16 weeks at start of session. Puppies are not required to have completed all their shots but should be undergoing a vaccination protocol recommended by your veterinarian.
Six Week Session- class meets for one hour, once a week.
Fee: $169

The most critical time for your puppy's social development occurs before 5 months of age! KPT will help you get your young puppy off to the right start.
This class will help develop the confidence and social skills needed for your puppy to become a well adjusted adult. With our positive and gentle approach to training, we will show you ways to socialize your puppy and provide you with methods to manage normal puppy behavior and prevent problems. You and your puppy will be introduced to positive reinforcement methods and how to start training:

  • Name and Attention
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Come
  • Walking on Leash
  • Polite Meeting and Greeting

ALSO: Using games and supervised play sessions your puppy will meet and interact with people and other puppies. Puppy’s will gain social confidence and physical coordination on our puppy sized agility obstacles! We'll answer all your questions about house training, biting and chewing, crate training, handling and grooming, socialization, nutrition, proper play techniques, and so much more!

Each date listed is the start date of a six week session. Your class will meet on the same day and time for 6 weeks.

Online Registration

Choose your desired class from the selections listed below.
The registration process requires completing an online family dog profile.
Payment can be made online and is required prior to confirming your registration in the class.

Email our Registrar if you have questions regarding online registration.


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