Rally Obedience FAQ’s

What is Rally Obedience? Originally designed by Charles Kramer as a form of obedience with with a whole new twist. RallyO as it's called, is a fun and exciting sport where dog and handler teams navigate a course with numbered signs indicating different exercises.
Dogs are asked to perform on and off leash exercises that combine heeling, sits, downs, pivots and turns, figure 8ʼs and spirals, recalls and jumps. Teams navigate the course at a brisk, continuous performance.

How is Rally different from traditional or competition obedience?
  • Rally differs from traditional obedience in that it is never the same - every course design is unique and offers new challenges for the dog and handler.
  • Handlers are encouraged to talk to and praise their dogs while running the course. Teamwork and fun are emphasized!
  • All dogs can participate, pure bred and mixed breed, young or old.
  • Anyone can compete! Exercise accommodations can be made for handlers or dogs with physical challenges.

Rally Obedience Organizations
There are a number of organizations sponsoring Rally trials. AKC and the USDAA (World Cynsport) are the two most popular. Both offer opportunities to earn titles and awards in various levels, from Puppy to Veteran. Rules vary for each organization.

How do I get started in RallyO!
DTCCC offers four levels of Rally Obedience classes, starting with our Intro to Rally class. There are training prerequisites before enrolling so please check the class descriptions for eligibility.

World Cynosport RallyO
AKC RallyO

Rally Trials
DTCCC hosts several WRC rally trials throughout the year. Trials typically include Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3, Puppy and Veterans courses. A team earns a Rally title after successfully completing three course runs with qualifying scores. All dogs, purebred, mixed breeds and dogs with disabilities are encouraged to participate. Titles can be earned at each level and teams may also earn Championship titles, National Ranking Awards and a special Award of Excellence.

Rally Obedience Classes

Classes listed below are SIX WEEK SESSIONS.
Discounted fee for DTCCC training members.   Non Member Fee $169.
Please check our SCHEDULE for availability and registration.

Skill Building for Obedience & Rally

SKILLBUILDING 1 is all about teaching obedience and rally skills using positive based, modern, effective techniques.
How to keep your dog engaged and happy. How to teach your dog how to find heel and front positions, Sit, Down, and Stand, Advanced targets, platforms, backing up
Prerequisite: DSF and Your Training Toolbox,

Everything you'll need for advanced obedience and rally and fun for you and your dog.
Moving Stand, Stays, Responding to Cues at a Distance,
Retrieve, Zen Bowl, Broad Jump, Stand for Exam, Directed Jumping
Prerequsite: Skillbuilding 1

INTRO TO RALLY-O: Exercises in our Intro class are all on lead, and is ideal for those looking to do something fun with your dog, and an excellent follow up to Heavenly Heeling class. We will introduce the 29 exercises, covering both the AKC and USDAA World Cynosport performance. Prerequisite: Dog Sports FUNdamentals, Your Training Toolbox, Heavenly Heeling 1 ,2 and 3. Skillbuilding 1 recommended.

RALLY-O NOVICE: Build on and improve performance and reliability of skills learned in the Rally intro class. Short courses, and introduction of additional new exercises from intermediate level will be included, plus tips on handling and course strategy. Prerequisite: Intro to RallyO.

RALLY-O INTERMEDIATE: For teams working at USDAA World Cynosport levels 1 and 2 and/or AKC Novice & Advanced. Class will introduce new exercises, including Bonus exercises from USDAAA World Cynosport Levels 2 and 3. Courses will incorporate the new skills along with novice exercises. Prerequisite: Teams proficient with RallyO novice exercises.

RALLY-O ADVANCED: Improve station performance skills and practice courses for teams working at USDAA World Cynosport levels 1, 2 and 3. and/or AKC Novice, advanced, and excellent. Exercises you will encounter include the moving stand, drop on recall, recalls over jumps, directed jumping, retrieve, signals, as well as creative heeling turns, moves, and pivots. Individual help with handling or problem areas. Prerequisite: Teams proficient with RallyO Intermediate exercises

CONFIDENCE BUILDING FOR RALLY-O AND OBEDIENCE COMPETITION:This class will help you and your dog enter a competition ring with more confidence. Exercises to build focus, reduce stress, and prepare for distractions along the way. Perfect for teams preparing to show and those already competing.

Rally-FREE!: is a new sport combining the behaviors of Musical Freestyle with the structure of Rally-O. Is this for you? The answer is “yes” if you:
•enjoy teaching your dog tricks and novel behaviors
•look to achieve precision in obedience skills
•love the idea of freestyle, but have trouble creating a routine

Rally Free allows you and your dog to have the fun and challenge of canine freestyle without the pressure of creating a dance routine. In addition, competition can be done via video if the “competition” environment makes you nervous. Participation in Rally-Free celebrates the training relationship we create with our dogs.
Prerequisites: Heavenly Heeling 1 and 2.
 Intro to Rally-O would be helpful, but not necessary and your dog should be able to work comfortably around other dogs.

RALLY-O TRIAL PREP CLASSES: Special classed designed with emphasis on preparing you and your dog for entering and competing. Tone up weak spots, transition from "training mode" to "showing mode".

RALLY-O SHOW & GO: DTCCC offers rally show and go's throughout the year. Go to EVENTS for information and registration.


Questions? Contact us at enroll@dtccc.org or call 610-280-6960

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