Canine Good Citizen & Therapy Dog Training

The Canine Good Citizen is a special designation that rewards dogs who have good manners at home and in the community. Owners whose dog passes the ten step test can receive a certificate from the American Kennel Club.

Therapy Dog International is an organization of volunteers created for the purpose of visiting nursing homes, hospitals, and other institutions or wherever therapy dogs are needed. To achieve the TDI certification dogs must be tested and evaluated by a certified TDI Evaluator. DTCCC offers advanced manners and CGC and TDI test preparation classes, as well as official testing periodically throughout the year.

Classes we recommend for CGC and Therapy Dog Training

Classes listed below are SIX WEEK SESSIONS.
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Please check our SCHEDULE for availability and registration information.

ADVANCED MANNERS: This class focuses on building your dog’s best manners and confidence and covers many of the exercises included in the CGC test. Recommended for those interested in pursuing the goal of the AKC Canine Good Citizen titles or Therapy Dog work. You will continue to improve your own training skills as you help your dog problem solve and learn new skills. Fun and challenging.
Prerequisite: Beyond Basics Level 2

AKC CANINE GOOD CITIZEN PREP: This class will review and practice the 10 exercises and procedures designed to prepare handlers and their dog to pass the CGC.
Prerequisite: Advanced Manners or Your Training Toolbox

AKC Canine Good Citizen Test Details

AKC COMMUNITY CANINE: An new advanced version of the CGC test with certain elements being tested in 'real world" settings. This class will help you prepare for the 10 exercises required in the test. See link below for details.
Prerequiste: Advanced manners, CGC prep

AKC Community Canine Test Details

THERAPY DOG SKILLS: This class will help prepare you and your dog for Therapy Dog International testing. Skills that will be addressed include: calmly meeting people (in crowds, with medical equipment, etc.); building reliability in common behaviors such as — leave it (resisting offered food, as well as items off the floor), stays, recalls, and loose leash walking; working through distractions; meeting other dogs, and more.

Prerequisite: Advanced manners and Canine Good Citizen.  Community Canine (Advanced CGC) also recommended

TDI Testing Brochure   

So You Want Your Dog to be a Therapy Dog???

LLW & RELIABLE RECALLS: Walking politely on leash and coming when called are two of the ”Most Wanted” skills we want for our dogs. Improve attention, focus and reliability amidst distractions with this course.
Prerequisite: Advanced Manners or Dog Sports FUNdamentals or Your Training Toolbox

HEAVENLY HEELING: Using a clicker and positive reinforcement, shape and build attention and basic heeling skills needed for rally obedience, obedience, and freestyle. Relationship and teamwork, as well as handling are emphasized. Also good for more experienced dogs to brush up on basic skills and improve motivation, confidence and attitude.
Prerequisite:  Dog Sports FUNdamentals required, Your Training Toolbox, Advanced Manners .

SINGLE SUBJECT SESSIONS: Have a specific skill you want to improve? Difficulty with getting your dog to stay? Tired of going for a drag instead of a walk? Need to improve that recall? These one hour sessions will focus on ways to improve one individual skill so come prepared with questions on those behaviors you feel you just don't have where you would like them to be. Questions fielded regarding other behaviors time permitting.
Prerequisite: Advanced Manners or Dog Sports FUNdamentals, or Your Training Toolbox

THERAPY DOG TEAMWORK: This class is for dogs who have passed or are ready to pass the CGC and have the goal of doing therapy work.  It will cover the extra skills necessary to pass the TDI test, and then cover what happens after passing the test.  Topics include approaching an institution, working with special populations, what makes a successful therapy visit, the difference between animal-assisted therapy, and animal-assisted activities. Special emphasis will include the teamwork necessary to minimize liability, and achieve successful visitation.
Prerequisite: CGC prep, Community Canine (Advanced CGC)

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