You've completed our LEVEL 2 Beyond Basics and now you want to do something more. DTCCC offers a wide variety of venues and activities designed to enable you and your canine companion to further your training whatever your goals or just for fun!

Required for all advanced training and dog sports offered at DTCCC.

Advanced Manners

Prerequisite: Beyond Basics Level 2

This class focuses on building your dog’s best manners and confidence and covers many of the exercises included in the Canine Good Citizen test. You will continue to improve your own training skills as you help your dog problem solve and learn new skills. Fun and challenging!

Dog Sports FUNdamentals

Prerequisite: Beyond Basics Level 2

Attention and focus, self control, along with good handling skills are essential for any off leash dog sport (agility, flyball, obedience, rally ) you plan to pursue. This class covers focus and attention skills, targeting, crate/mat games, sit, down, stand and release, wait vs stay, zen games for self control, balance and body awareness games.

Your Training Toolbox

Prerequisite: Beyond Basics Level 2

This class will help you develop a wider range of training options for your canine partner. Build a better understanding of your training options (there are so many!) the timing and mechanics of those options, and when and where it might be beneficial to use a specific technique.

The Training Game (and The Training Game PLUS)

Prerequisite: Beyond Basics Level 2

Did you ever wonder what your dog was thinking or feeling during your training sessions? If she is confused or frustrated? Or excited to be “getting it”? Well this is your chance to find out. This class will be your first “dog-training” class without a dog. You will develop/improve your timing, learn what you are looking for in each training adventure, learn how fast you can escalate your requirements and how to recognize when your “dog” really understands what you are asking. The Training Game WILL BE A CLASS WITHOUT DOGS. Offered as either a 3 hour event, or 3 one hour classes.

Put these skills to the test WITH YOUR DOG in The Training Game PLUS. This 3 week course is designed to help you practice your timing and evolution of requirements through shaping skills with your dog. This is for handlers who have completed The Training Game.

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