Individuals who have completed a six-week Beyond Basics or more advanced class session at the Dog Training Center of Chester County within the past six months are invited to apply for a training or non-training membership. Members participate in club governance, enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded dog enthusiasts, and have unique opportunities to develop a variety of skills.

Members who have paid a current Training Fee are designated as TRAINING MEMBERS. Training members pay a discounted rate for most classes including family dog manners classes. Non-training members pay non-member rates for all classes and can convert to a training membership at any time by paying the appropriate training fee.

Dues are paid per membership year. Training fees are prorated throughout the membership year based on join date. Information current for the September 1, 2022 to August 31, 2023 membership year.


  • Regular and Senior : $50
  • Junior (12-18 years) : $20

Training Fees

  • Regular : $295
  • Spouse / Domestic Partner : $250
  • Junior (12-18 years) or Senior (over 70 years) : $225

Training Member Class Rates per Six-Week Session

  • Family Dog Manners: $86.40
    Kindergarten Puppy Training & Socialization, Basic Manners, Beyond Basics
  • One-hour Advanced Classes: $60
    including Dog Sport Fundamentals, Advanced Manners, CGC Prep, many Fun & Focus classes
  • One-and-a-quarter-hour / One-room Classes: $72
    including, but not limited to, most nose work classes
  • One-and-a-quarter-hour / Two-room Classes: $75
    including, but not limited to, most agility classes

For more information about becoming a member, please contact our membership chair at