New policies and procedures have been put in place in order to provide you with optimum safety and follow all CDC and state-issued guidelines. While we hope that many of these policies are temporary, we ask that you are patient and understanding as we navigate this new normal. The safety of our staff, clients, and families is our number one priority and every decision we make is based with that in mind.

We are excited to have you back at the Training Center, thank you for your patience during this time.

What is DTCCC doing in response?

Updated masking policy as of March 2022: The training center supports each instructor's masking preference by following a policy of At Instructor Discretion. We ask that if you instructor is wearing a mask, that you respect their comfort level by doing the same. If your instructor is not wearing a mask, your choice to do so is optional. Disposable masks are available at the training center. 

Class sizes vary by classroom space to allow for a minimum of six feet social distancing.

Signage is posted throughout the building of our required safety measures.

We have installed UV air filtration systems.

We are limiting the number of handlers to one per dog, with a maximum of two per dog provided both handlers live in the same household.

Arriving For Class

Plan to arrive 5-10 minutes before scheduled class time. Students may enter the lobby thru the open doors, or doors may be propped open; sanitize their hands, and directly enter your training room. There is no waiting in the lobby. 

Maintain a 6’ minimum distance between yourself and your dog from any others while inside or on the grounds of the Dog Training Center. This includes yourself, your dog, and any other dogs/handlers.

Each person must sanitize their hands with sanitizer available in the lobby each time you enter or re-enter the building.

What to do if I become ill after attending DTCCC?

We rely on everyone to help keep members of our community safe. By choosing to enter our facility you must sign a waiver indicating that you understand the risks of training indoors with other people.

We are doing everything possible to mitigate the risks of Covid-19 but we realize that there is a risk of possible exposure to the virus. Here are the steps that we are taking in the instance of a reported exposure or positive case:

If any student or instructor is experiencing covid like symptoms, has been alerted that they have potentially been exposed to Covid- 19, or receives a positive test result they are to follow these steps:

1. Report your status to your instructor and as soon as possible. 

2. You will be asked to follow county health guidelines and stay home for at least 5 days from your symptoms resolving or when approved to return to activities by a health official. 


Safety Protocol & COVID Waiver

To access additional copies of the COVID related waivers please click below.

All waivers must be signed by each person attending class, whether or not you are the main handler.