Agility is a popular fun and fast paced sport for you and your dog. The dog and handler team maneuver through a course containing a series of numbered obstacles including an A-frame, Dog Walk, Teeter (Seesaw) Weave Poles, Jumps and Tunnels. The handler provides direction through body motion, position, and other elements of handling. The emphasis is on speed and accuracy, completing the course as quickly and without errors. Agility builds a bonded relationship between handler and dog based on clear communication and trust through teamwork.

For dogs that have had previous agility training, please contact the agility class registrar for recommendations on the appropriate class. Email:

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There is an Agility Foundations Readiness Assessment given to all students prior to the First Foundations class. Dogs should be about 10 months of age or older.

Beginners Agility Classes

Agile Pups

For puppies and young dogs, (3-11 months) who are destined to be future agility stars.

Prerequisites: Attendance in a KPT class for puppies up to 16 weeks. Attendance in a Basics for Puppies or a Basic Manners Level 1 class for puppies 5 months and older.

We will use a series of motivational games to build teamwork, play, motivation, drive, and focus while teaching the pups body awareness, self-control, foundation handling skills and foundation obstacle skills. Your puppy will be introduced to some basic agility training equipment. Training simple tricks/behaviors to build the handlers training skills as well as developing the puppy’s learning skills will be included.

Agile Pups is not a pre-requisite for Agility Foundations 1.

Foundation Agility Skills 1

Skills covered in this class will include: Body Awareness, Building Drive and Motivation, Intro to Handler and Obstacle Focus, Understanding Connection and using Handling Elements, Intro to Jump and building jump commitment, Intro to tunnels.

Foundation Agility Skills 2

Prerequisite: Foundations Agility Skills 1

Intro to Basic Handling Skills on the flat, building handler and obstacle focus. Intro to handling techniques on one jump, continued introduction to tunnels and different jumps. Introduce table and teeter. Continue to build drive and motivation as well as strengthen connection and teamwork.

Foundation Agility Skills 3

Prerequisite: Foundations Agility Skills 2

Continue building handling skills from F2 adding new skills using tunnels and 1-3 jumps. Intro to training end behavior for contacts. Continue to build confidence on teeter and train strong, reliable, and independent end behaviors for contacts.

Foundation Agility Skills 4

Prerequisite: Foundations Agility Skills 3

Class will continue to build handling skills on techniques from F2 and F3 already and introduce new handling techniques. Teams will also practice short sequences of jumps and tunnels to continue developing both handler and dog skills, handler and obstacle focus for the dog, understanding connection and handling lines for the handler.  Begin transition of 2o2o behavior to contacts; teeter, dog-walk, A-Frame.

Intro to Weaves

Prerequisite: Foundations Agility Skills 3

Dogs should be at least 13-15 months old to begin weave training and have completed the Foundation Agility 1-4 classes (or equivalent training with assessment, permission of instructor required). Focus on training dogs to weave using the 2 x 2 method. Channel weaves will also be used to supplement 2 x 2 weave training. 2 x 2 training at home is necessary for the dog to learn weaving. A limited number of 2 x 2 weave sets are available to rent. Handling and contact training will continue to progress.

Contacts & Weaves

Prerequisite: Foundation 1-4 Classes and Intro to Weaves (or equivalent training with assessment, permission of instructor required).

This class will continue to work on weave pole training, getting to 6 straight poles and working up to 12. Dogs will continue to work on independent entries and exits of weave poles. All contacts will be worked, raising to full height, maintaining end behavior criteria, working for independence and speed, and adding into short sequences.

Beginner Sequencing 1

Prerequisite: Foundations 1-4, Intro to Weaves, Contacts & Weaves, (or equivalent training with assessment, permission of instructor required).

This class will begin to put together skills learned in the previous six foundations classes into short sequences including contacts and 6 weaves. Contacts may be lowered as needed. Students will work on getting contacts to full height, and 6 weaves to straight.

Beginner Sequencing 2

Prerequisites: Foundations 1-4, Intro to Weaves, Contacts & Weaves, & Beginners Sequencing1 (or equivalent training with assessment, permission of instructor required).

This class will focus on handling longer sequences with all the obstacles and weaves. Contacts will be moved to full height and dogs will be able to weave 12 straight poles by end of six weeks. Students will complete this class ready for Novice level courses.

Class Schedule

Advanced Agility Classes

Any team registering in any class in the advanced category must meet the performance requirements. A class assessment may be requested from the class instructor. For more information and/or to register for an agility class, email 

Pre registration is required for all sessions. Each handler, whether member or non member, will have one slot in the class but may alternate a second dog, either by week or by run to give each handler equal floor time as much as possible. Class length will be determined by the number of handlers registered for each session. (A handler with 2 dogs will be counted as 1 slot)  Minimum and maximum numbers may vary depending on the class.

Novice / Starters

This class will contain sequences focusing on handling and obstacle skills required for the green dog getting ready or just starting to compete.

Requirements: All contact equipment performed at full height without luring into position. Able to perform 6 straight weaves without luring or handler assistance. Team must be able to execute a sequence of 8-10 obstacles including basic crosses. 

Advanced / Open

This class will focus on handling in course type sequences.

Requirements: Actively competing at the novice/open level or able to handle courses of this level of difficulty. 

Masters / Excellent

This class will focus on handling in course type sequences.

Requirements: Dogs must be competing at the masters/excellent / Level 5 or be able to handle courses of this level of difficulty. 

Handling Techniques & Sequencing

This class will use jumps and tunnels in sequences of 6-12 obstacles and focus on handling techniques, understanding and handling lines, improving the 3 C's (Connection, Commitment, Cue) and using all the handling elements for efficient and clear communication between handler and dog. Appropriate for experienced teams as well as young dogs and new handlers. 

Agility Handling Sequences with Contacts and Weaves

This class will focus on seeing the dog's line, learning and choosing handling techniques, understanding the 3 C's (Connect, Commit, Cue), and training "Either/Or" (Discrimination) handling, and other things varying each week. A full course will be broken down and worked in shorter sequences.

Requirements: This class is open to teams working at any level, Novice to Masters. Dogs MUST be proficient at full height contacts and weaves. Remedial contact or weaves training will not be part of this class. 

Class Schedule