FOCUS Classes

Classes listed below are SIX WEEK SESSIONS and are available to training members at a discounted fee. 
Non Training member Fee $169.


Baby Steps to Bomb-Proof Behaviors: Do you sometimes struggle with getting your dog's behaviors to hold up in the situations where they matter most?  Join us for a fun, systematic approach to building strong behaviors that persist under the conditions in which you will need to use them.  In addition to proofing behaviors to distractions, handlers will work on differentiating how rewards will be dispensed to their dogs.  You will work with training partners in many exercises, so participating dogs must be comfortable being crated in the training area while other dogs are working.  (Handlers should supply their own crates.)  Skills covered will include volunteered eye contact; recalls; heeling or loose leash walking; a stationing until released behavior (stays or a "go to mat" type behavior); and another appropriate behavior of the handler's choosing. Prerequisite-DSF, Your Training Toolbox

PERFORMANCE PUPPY: Build attention, focus and confidence and your training relationship for any dog sport. We will be using clicker fundamentals to introduce sit, down, come, stay, informal heeling and crate games. Targeting, playing tug and handling basics as well as work on body awareness and balance using a balance disks, wobble board, ladder, etc.
Prerequisite: For experienced handlers with puppies ages 4 to 9 months.

YOUR TRAINING TOOLBOX: Shaping, Luring, Capturing and more! This class will help you develop a wider range of training options for your canine partner. Build a better understanding of your training options (there are so many!) the timing and mechanics of those options, and when and where it might be beneficial to use a specific technique. We won’t be concentrating on specifics of how to teach any one obedience behavior like sit or down, instead we’ll be concentrating on the specifics of how to TEACH our learners!
While this is an entry level training class it is equally appropriate for a relative beginner to dog sports as it is for a more advanced student who recognizes that they have a few gaps in their knowledge. Join us and develop your training excellence for any sport!

Prerequisite: Beyond Basics Level 2

Shape Up!
Whether you've heard about shaping and don't know what all the fuss is about, or want to improve or work on a brand new skill-this class is for you. There are three positive ways of training a behavior - capturing, luring, and shaping. Of these, shaping is by far the most challenging - but also the most fun and rewarding.
With shaping, you can literally teach your dog to perform any behavior he is physically capable of doing. Shaping will bring you closer to seeing into your dog's thoughts than you ever thought possible.
If you're new to shaping we will help you select appropriate exercises to start with and help you develop your timing and criteria. For more experienced teams, choose a new exercise or get coaching for a work in progress. In this fun, educational, and entertaining class, you'll be able to watch your training skills grow.

OBEDIENCE & RALLY SPORTS - SKILLBUILDING: Skills for teams who wish to pursue many types of dog sports including obedience, rally obedience, tricks, freestyle and others.

SKILLBUILDING 1 is all about teaching obedience and rally skills in new and fun way.
How to keep your dog engaged and happy. How to teach your dog how to find heel and front positions, Sit, Down, and Stand, Advanced targets, platforms, backing up
Prerequisite: DSF and Your Training Toolbox,

Everything you'll need for advanced obedience and rally and fun for you and your dog.
Moving Stand, Stays, Responding to Cues at a Distance,
Retrieve, Zen Bowl, Broad Jump, Stand for Exam, Directed Jumping
Prerequsite: Skillbuilding 1

Everyone wants it, but how do you get it?
This six week course will help you develop connection and focus for any dog sport with your canine partner using a variety of games that you both will enjoy playing. There are three categories of games - building enthusiasm for work, impulse control,  and dealing with distractions.
There are also "puppy" versions of the games so any age can play.
This class will have a lot of action and moving. Carefully consider if your dog has the tendency to become easily over aroused. Any questions please contact the instructor before registering.
Prerequisite:Dog Sports FUNdamentals and Your Training Toolbox

HEAVENLY HEELING 1, 2 and 3: Using a clicker and positive reinforcement, shape and build attention and basic heeling skills needed for rally obedience, obedience, and freestyle. Relationship and teamwork, as well as handling are emphasized. Also good for more experienced dogs to brush up on basic skills and improve motivation, confidence and attitude. This is a 3 session course.
Prerequisite: HH1- Dog Sports FUNdamentals and Your Training Toolbox
HH2 requires HH1, HH3 requires HH1 and HH2.


CONFIDENCE BUILDING FOR RALLY-O AND OBEDIENCE COMPETITION:This class will help you and your dog enter a competition ring with more confidence. Exercises to build focus, reduce stress, and prepare for distractions along the way. Perfect for teams preparing to show and those already competing.

LOOSE LEASH WALKING and/or RELIABLE RECALLS-Training for Distractions: Walking politely on leash and coming when called are two of the ”Most Wanted” skills we want for our dogs. Improve attention, focus and reliability amidst distractions with this course.
Prerequisite: Advanced Manners or Dog Sports FUNdamentals or Your Training Toolbox

RECALL GAMES: Improve your dog’s recall with games. Recall games can add fun and engagement to training this important skill. Using recall games handlers will learn how to put joy and excitement into coming when called. Food, toys and play will be used to reinforce your dog’s recall.
 Prerequisite: Advanced Manners, DSF, or Your Training Toolbox

INTRO to PLATFORM TRAINING: Platforms are fantastic tools (another type of “target”) in training a variety of behaviors for obedience, rally or freestyle. Use them to teach foundation stationary positions such as heel, front, close  Adds consistency and precision to sits, downs, and stand, tight turns and spins. Teach position changes at a distance. Easily add distance to Stay and Wait behaviors. 
This 3 week session will get you started. Platforms will be provided in class.
Prerequisite: Your Training Toolbox or DSF

TRAINING EXERCISES FOR GROOMING: Is your dog uncooperative or fidgety for grooming? Are you unsure how or reluctant to trim nails? What grooming tools are best to use and how do I best use them?  If you have any of these problems or questions this class is for you. Your dog will greatly appreciate it!

SINGLE SUBJECT SESSIONS: Have a specific skill you want to improve? Difficulty with getting your dog to stay? Tired of going for a drag instead of a walk? Need to improve that recall? These one hour sessions will focus on ways to improve one individual skill so come prepared with questions on those behaviors you feel you just don't have where you would like them to be. Questions fielded regarding other behaviors time permitting.
Prerequisite: Advanced Manners, Dog Sports FUNdamentals, or Your Training Toolbox

ON TARGET: Target training provides a way to shape behaviors, build speed and accuracy at any distance, and focus for good manners, therapy work, dog sports, or tricks. No matter what your level of expertise you will learn how to teach your dog many useful behaviors. Prerequisite: Dog Sports FUNdamentals, or Your Training Toolbox

CRATE GAMES: Self control, confidence, and motivation all from a game your dog will love to play! Improve your dog’s recall, distance work, stays and impulse control amidst distractions while allowing your dog to be more comfortable in his crate whether at home or at shows. Great for youngsters or retraining an older dog.
Prerequisite: Advanced Manners, Dog Sports FUNdamentals, or Your Training Toolbox

THE TRAINING GAME: Did you ever wonder what your dog was thinking or feeling during your training sessions? If she is confused or frustrated? Or excited to be “getting it”? Well this is your chance to find out. This class will be your first “dog-training” class without a dog. You will develop/improve your timing, learn what you are looking for in each training adventure, learn how fast you can escalate your requirements and how to recognize when your “dog” really understands what you are asking. THIS WILL BE A CLASS WITHOUT DOGS! Just bring your clicker, if you have one.
Prerequisite: Beyond Basics Level 2

USEFUL DOG TRICKS: Service dog style behaviors with lots of find it, get it, opening doors, turning on lights, ringing door bells and owner scent recognition.
 Prerequiste: Dogs should have a solid retrieve or fetch behavior.

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