JUST for FUN Classes

Classes listed below are SIX WEEK SESSIONS.
Non Training member Fee $169. Discounted fee for training members.

Please check our SCHEDULE for availability and registration.

USEFUL DOG TRICKS: Service dog style behaviors with lots of find it, get it, opening doors, turning on lights, ringing door bells and owner scent recognition.
Prerequiste: Dogs should have a solid retrieve or fetch behavior.

DOG PARCOUR: Sometimes known as urban agility, is an activity based on the same principles. It is a challenging, but fun, physical activity in which the dogs learn to interact with their environment. Just like in the human version, in Dog Parkour we work on ways to conquer obstacles, such as climbing, balancing, and jumping. Dog Parkour is a non competitive event, but it is a titling event.

Prerequisites Dog Sports FUNdamentals or Your Training Toolbox, and Trick Dog Novice.

CANINE CHARADES: Charades is a game of pantomimes; your dog will "act out" a word or phrase while the class tries to guess what that phrase is. You may use lures and use hand signals to help your dog act out the Charades.   A great class for older dogs too and handlers who want to have fun. The class needs at least 6 dog/handler teams to run. Week one will allow everyone to get familiar with the game. Dogs must be able to work comfortably around other dogs.
Prerequsite: Adavnced manners, DSFUNdamentals or Your Training Toolbox

SENIOR CITIZEN CANINE: Does your older dog love coming to the training center? Whether they like the training, the treats, the companionship, or all of the above, this class is designed for them. Old dogs CAN learn new tricks, as you’ll see in this class. Designed for the older dog, activities will exercise the mind while being low impact on the body. Come join the fun.
Requirements – dogs should be 7 years and older and training at the Advanced Manners level or higher.

THE TRAINING GAME: Did you ever wonder what your dog was thinking or feeling during your training sessions? If she is confused or frustrated? Or excited to be “getting it”? Well this is your chance to find out. This class will be your first “dog-training” class without a dog. You will develop/improve your timing, learn what you are looking for in each training adventure, learn how fast you can escalate your requirements and how to recognize when your “dog” really understands what you are asking. THIS WILL BE A CLASS WITHOUT DOGS! Just bring your clicker, if you have one.
Prerequiste: Beyond Basics Level 2

Whether you've heard about shaping and don't know what all the fuss is about, or want to improve or work on a brand new skill-this class is for you. There are three positive ways of training a behavior - capturing, luring, and shaping. Of these, shaping is by far the most challenging - but also the most fun and rewarding.
With shaping, you can literally teach your dog to perform any behavior he is physically capable of doing. Shaping will bring you closer to seeing into your dog's thoughts than you ever thought possible.
If you're new to shaping we will help you select appropriate exercises to start with and help you develop your timing and criteria. For more experienced teams, choose a new exercise or get coaching for a work in progress. In this fun, educational, and entertaining class, you'll be able to watch your training skills grow.

NO NEED TO RUN OBSTACLE FUN: This is a fun training class that builds team skills and the dog/handler relationship. The first 5 weeks of classes will have teams working on a variety of skills that include obstacles and equipment (ex.: raised plank, small tunnel, wobble board, cavaletti); behaviors and tricks (ex.: sit, down, stay, targeting); and handling (ex.: walk at left and right side, figure eights, sends, recalls). The emphasis is on team work, communication, skill building and having fun with your canine partner. On week six a course including 8-12 of the tasks practiced in the first 5 weeks will be set up for teams to navigate together; speed is not an element of completing the course.
Prerequiste: Advanced Manners, DSF or Your Training Toolbox.

ON TARGET: Target training provides a way to shape behaviors, build speed and accuracy at any distance, and focus for good manners, therapy work, dog sports, or tricks. No matter what your level of expertise you will learn how to teach your dog many useful behaviors.
Prerequisite: Advanced Manners, Dog Sports FUNdamentals, or Your Training Toolbox

RALLY-FREE: is a new sport combining the behaviors of Musical Freestyle with the structure of Rally-O. Is this for you? The answer is “yes” if you:
•enjoy teaching your dog tricks and novel behaviors
•look to achieve precision in obedience skills
•love the idea of freestyle, but have trouble creating a routine
Rally Free allows you and your dog to have the fun and challenge of canine freestyle without the pressure of creating a dance routine.   In addition, competition can be done via video if the “competition” environment makes you nervous. Participation in Rally-Free celebrates the training relationship we create with our dogs.
Prerequisites: Heavenly Heeling 1, 2 and 3. 
Intro to Rally-O would be helpful, but not necessary and your dog should be able to work comfortably around other dogs.

RETRIEVING for PUPPIES: Do you have a puppy that you want to happily retrieve a dumbbell for competition or fun? Teaching a retrieve can be much easier and exciting if taught before a puppy’s willingness to retrieve is killed by corrections for putting inappropriate things in his mouth. All of my dogs have adored their dumbbells (as witnessed by my first generation of shelties who all competed in obedience.) This 6 week course will cover all aspects of backchaining the retrieve, and progress to generalizing the retrieve to other objects. We will start with wooden dowels, and work to make or purchase an appropriately sized one for each dog.
For puppies up to one year old.

SCENT GAMES: Dogs have an incredible sense of smell. We can only imagine all the scents which they experience on a daily basis. Come learn some games to play with your dog using their sense of smell and discover how you can build on these basics to train your dog to solve more advanced puzzles.
Prerequisites: Experience with clickers and target work needed. and/or have taken a Your Training Toolbox, Dog Sports Fundamentals or On Target class.

FUN and GAMES or TRAINING GAMES for DOGS: Need a break from the every day training grind? Feel like getting out with your dog to have some fun and enjoy a few laughs with other club members? This session may be just right for you. In this class your dogs' sits, downs, stays, heeling, and other obedience skills will be tested with short games and other challenging activities. Dogs must be dog and people friendly.
Prerequisite: Advanced Manners, Dog Sports FUNdamentals, or Your Training Toolbox

MY DOG CAN DO THAT!: This class is based on a board game developed by well known trainers Dr. Ian Dunbar and Terry Ryan. An antic-filled race to Hollywood for each team. The fun begins with a trick card such as: "Doorbell dash", Mexican Hat dance", or Synchronized Walking", or any one of 72 tricks included. You have 30 seconds to get your dog to do the trick. If he does you get to move on the board the number of spaces for each trick.  The goal is to get to Hollywood to become the "Stunt Master". There are "traps" along the way, and dog licenses to pursue.
Prerequisite: Advanced Manners, Dog Sports FUNdamentals, or Your Training Toolbox

DOG SPORTS SAMPLER: There are so many activities available to our dogs. Do you want a chance to try a couple out before jumping into one with both feet? These one hour sessions will give you an opportunity to do just that. This is not a six week session.
Prerequisite: Advanced Manners, Dog Sports FUNdamentals, or Your Training Toolbox

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