Flyball Faq’s

What is Flyball?
Flyball is a team relay race. There are four dogs on a team, and two teams go head-to-head. Each dog must retrieve a tennis ball from the spring loaded box at the end of the racing lane, completing four narrow jumps both down and back. It is fast, loud, and fun. DTCCC offers three levels of flyball classes. Our flyball team is Chaos Unleashed!

Do I need to have done obedience classes before doing Flyball?
Yes. Your dog should have basic skills such as attention, sit, down, stay, walking on leash, a release cue, a speedy recall, and be able to work off leash around other dogs in a class environment.

How old does my dog need to be to start flyball?
Your dog needs to be in good physical condition to jump and race, and mentally developed to understand the obedience skills already discussed – this age will be different for every dog.  Older dogs need to be physically healthy.

Flyball Classes

INTRO to FLYBALL: This six week session is designed for the inexperienced dog and/or handler. The class will receive an introduction to flyball box work and jumps, foundation games, motivation and safety, all in a positive learning environment. The course will conclude with full run practice and discussion of next training steps.
Prerequisite: Dog Sports FUNdamentals

FLYBALL 2: So your dog will run the jumps and hit the flyball box - what comes next? Join us in Flyball 2 as we start adding the distraction of running while another dog is racing, basics of introducing passing, skills for improving speed at the box and over the jumps, and other skills necessary to progress toward being ready to join a team. Must have completed Flyball 1 or be able to demonstrate the ability to complete a full flyball run alone. Due to the need for dogs to interact with each other in closer areas for some of these exercises, only dog friendly dogs should enroll.
Prerequisite: Intro to Flyball

FLYBALL 3: For graduates of Flyball 2. Teams will continue to improve their skills while working toward racing. Six Week Sessions. Prerequisite: Flyball 2

Six week Sessions
Fee: $95 Training Members,  $169 Non members



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