Class session rates are increasing effective January 1, 2023. New rates for non-training members are listed below. 

If you have completed a Beyond Basics or higher level class within the past six months and plan to register for at least four class sessions per year, a training membership might be financially advantageous. Training members pay less than half of the non-training member class rates. Please review our Membership page for more details.

Non-Training Member Rates

Family Dog Manners: $216 per six-week session
Kindergarten Puppy Training & Socialization, Basic Manners, Beyond Basics

One-hour Advanced Classes: $150 per six-week session
including Dog Sport Fundamentals, Advanced Manners, CGC Prep, many Fun & Focus classes

One-and-a-quarter-hour Advanced Classes: $180 & $187.50 per six-week session
including, but not limited to, most nose work and agility classes