Line Farr, CNWI

Line began teaching K9 Nose Work® in 2010 after teaching puppy and manners classes for 15 years. She is an advocate of listening to the dog and working with the dog in the moment - whatever the goal. In K9 Nose Work®, she loves helping both dogs and handlers build solid foundations leading to advanced skill sets with fun and enjoyment. She supports the goals of all students - from fun enrichment to competition and has taught all levels from Intro/Foundation through Elite. Line enjoys the varied search search styles and individual personalities that different dogs bring to the game.

Line’s instructor training includes courses with Terry Ryan, Leslie Nelson, and the Instructor Certification program of the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW). Her continuing education includes many intensive behavior and training programs, including Suzanne Clothier, Bob & Marian Bailey, Linda Tellington-Jones (TTouch), Sue Sternberg and Karen Pryor. In addition to earning her CNWI, Line continues to study with K9 Nose Work® Senior Faculty and other scent detection and behavior professionals.

Sportswise, Line and her best boy Bosun earned the NACSW NW3 Elite, the second Bull Terrier team to earn that title. Line earned agility and rally titles with her first Bull Terrier, Puffin, receiving the Bull Terrier Club of America’s Versatility and Versatility Excellent Awards. In addition to bullies (first competition dogs), Line has owned a variety of breeds – hounds, herding and sporting dogs. Tally, a Cavalier, recently came into her life to share new adventures.

In other teaching gigs in a previous life, Line was a zookeeper specializing in birds, training volunteers/staff, presenting zoo education programs and team leading for an Earthwatch Expedition Eagle Release.  Line shares her life with her supportive husband Terry and Jasper the Yellow-naped Amazon parrot in addition to Bosun and Tally.